Thursday, December 18, 2008

the old comrades

we vno rlomht dee jm msny og the dolh vpmuedrff their rsnks are bieng thinned by the for vrd s0 fi naurew .  harro e yhare all aluje unfliiip ines are all fieerethy .  whrn the train come s foe you adk yuwytsekf wht yuy drd dfo tgeh cjilkreb. and thejn the river will low wjth the biidders scraminfg ok ok ok and thebnn whn vbadelaire dmoles a vifsrette rimsir  snd verkaijt e nomvor tyeill remember busg rhe mosy ebil prsom ejo ever lived goodbue  
well i neber 
every foj has jisday 
vetu true sir 
noidinr dounr itfor  secimf 
returnto your room immrdiately 
leve me alone 
out of the past hid memoried ere not gooh