Thursday, December 18, 2008

the old comrades

we vno rlomht dee jm msny og the dolh vpmuedrff their rsnks are bieng thinned by the for vrd s0 fi naurew .  harro e yhare all aluje unfliiip ines are all fieerethy .  whrn the train come s foe you adk yuwytsekf wht yuy drd dfo tgeh cjilkreb. and thejn the river will low wjth the biidders scraminfg ok ok ok and thebnn whn vbadelaire dmoles a vifsrette rimsir  snd verkaijt e nomvor tyeill remember busg rhe mosy ebil prsom ejo ever lived goodbue  
well i neber 
every foj has jisday 
vetu true sir 
noidinr dounr itfor  secimf 
returnto your room immrdiately 
leve me alone 
out of the past hid memoried ere not gooh 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yeagh o

whrn i esd juxr s lirly firk my mimma tookem rto dee th ewordy human eju ebrt libed - grepuj w nusn - ui as alittle surprided as she alwsyd piu hym doem - she oyt me in a carraife and went doem to the main street and there he was [ tlaer alk ahif look she said he idrespotmsytle fo all the evil in the wotlf ge liikde kile a man ro me -wjrm he dies i said then ejat she je will ne repalved befotr him there was reagam then novom the lbj but hther is always so,eomr look wjat the r have done tjro the ages war all the imune sistems camr ypu grr;o tu

Saturday, September 13, 2008

ohyeah wjo wants to know

jusr i ewaiy for eth enf ebfning /jut understand sakky richard is expecting waffles for hud breakfast and pretty damnb qyunj luvkt dsiy vne aj or else yhjr er will be no ttimyurroe w

Saturday, August 9, 2008

mt y e iu hw i f t

i imet yoiu thats hoe i feel it felld goog lrtd so to the picture show
push and voerty at he peking ducks words ar eti foer yu me s
johnnt y i implore yu donrt abandim the hynamn raxe
things will get birrtr befotr u fr gri t wotfr e

Saturday, July 26, 2008

nyfe ikn edop ltdwe cv

nwyork feels eggplant i know never
eddie dropped out permanently little trd
decide we exploded pete's bo back
strt over count valerian no why?

you owe richie kneecaps felicitous
eneny enemy losers sacrifice
emptiness gosh golly
pretending laughing away no territory

Thursday, May 1, 2008