Monday, March 30, 2009

trudy martinelli adventuress, part 2

a good wife then go a good wife tried to be
"a man needs a change of pace"
if you a good wife enough derek if you the baby the baby i've had if you i've had
darn you i've had then go i've had think of me lucille lucille love her tried to
be i'll tell i'll tell then go derek love her enough if you think of me then go
"i always liked airplanes"
think of me a good wife enough enough derek lucille the baby derek love
her love her i'll tell darn you i'll tell think of me darn you tried to be tried
to be darn you the baby
"turn it off if you don't want to listen to it" rumrunner red deck bright boy rumrunner the four game you want
the four game ten to go john c you want john c rumrunner red deck
i'll take one card and forty better john c on seven ten to go red deck i'm salty
tonight you want "was that you talking or the tv?"
and forty better rumrunner bright boy the four game the four game
out of action i'll take one card bright boy i'll take one card and forty better
in the sixth and forty better you want red deck out of action ten to go
out of action john c i'll take one card on seven bright boy in the sixth
"there's no cards in this deck"
i'm salty tonight i'm salty tonight ten to go on seven in the sixth i'm really salty tonight
guadalajara "it's train time"
far freaking out back from good stuff really fine frosts me back from
spanish john oh wow good stuff man really fine oh wow my wonderful mom on the couch gleaming white
spanish john my wonderful mom far freaking out man oh wow spanish john plastic oh wow
back from really fine really into back from plastic guadalajara plastic really into
my wonderful mom frosts me good stuff really into guadalajara guadalajara far freaking out
"i would have stayed and watched"
good stuff really into frosts me really fine far freaking out on the couch frosts me
on the couch plastic spanish john my wonderful mom seriously
seriously if you ever need a good air-conditioner
"put on your glasses if you're going to drive"
watertown branch watertown branch watertown branch did i laugh
take care of were we bombed you're people johnny walker you're people johnny walker the sun
my sister were we bombed were we bombed if you ever need a good
air-conditioner take care of take care of seriously if you ever need you're people all over the sidewalk did i laugh my sister if you ever need johnny walker and passed out my sister were we bombed passed out take care of all over the sidewalk
"ii thought she looked nice"
passed out a good air-conditioner did i laugh seriously you're people
a good air-conditioner all over the sidewalk pulled out and passed out pulled out
watertown branch and passed out and passed out all over the sidewalk did i laugh
johnny walker cousin joe she's not bad cousin joe except for her face where's the booze
"that's your mother?"
such a nice cake fell right into don't they make where's the booze
a beautiful couple do you victor martinelli watch out for my little girl my
little girl don't they make she's not bad a beautiful couple don't cry watch out for
a beautiful couple cousin joe such a nice cake do you victor martinelli do you
victor martinelli except for her face don't cry watch out for watch out for
black ants (arts?)
fell right into do you victor martinelli where's the booze fell right into do you trudy walker fell right into my little girl do you trudy walker don't they make
except for her face a beautiful couple such a nice cake where's the booze she's not bad my little girl don't cry do you trudy walker do you trudy walker don't cry she's not bad the garbage disposal
please mike hello got a light make good money to uh fall in love to uh fall in love
"are you sure he gave you a twenty?"
let's go you like beat you much stop fooling around please mike for the lady does
your husband hello stop fooling around another screwdriver to drink for the lady please mike
hello got a light "someday i'll go back there"
let's go another screwdriver to drink hello does your husband stop fooling around beat you much please mike to uh fall in love you like got a light another screwdriver
a pack of old golds
does your husband got a light you like make good money does your husband beat you much stop fooling around let's go to drink you like let's go to drink to uh fall in love make good money for the lady for the lady make good money another screwdriver to drink keep your nose clean with any sense any homework don't bother "frank and jesse james were gentlemen"
keep your nose clean when the dirty rebs fool kid who hid my bottle drunk or sober victor grandpa
victor fool kid with any sense start shooting boy victor don't you have when the dirty rebs "right under your pillow"
keep your nose clean keep your nose clean grandpa fool women drunk or sober
fool kid grandpa who hid my bottle fool women don't you have with any sense
start shooting boy fool lwomen start shooting boy when the dirty rebs don't bother
"grover cleveland was a fool"
don't you have fool women grandpa fool kid any homework don't bother any homework don't bother don't you have who hid my bottle start shooting boy when the dirty rebs with any sense who hid my bottle drunk or sober victor drunk or sober
any homework
'that's the way we talked back then"

Sunday, March 29, 2009

trudy martinelli adventuress, part 1

star deep star gravity saturn flow glow neptune jupiter beyond
saturn sun sun gravity deeper deep neptune jupiter beyond deep beyond
deeper beyond flow exploding venus venus deeper mars neptune star flow mars sun dust on the windowsill
"i'm late already"
sun star venus venus saturn gravity jupiter exploding deep neptune
exploding exploding saturn mars mars deeper gravity jupiter a yellow landscape
cookie buster
"does that child have rickets?"
morning trudy dandelion mailman bad dog morning sky grass cat morning cat sky
morning sun trudy sky mommy dandelion buster sun mommy cookie cookie mrs webster
"oh no"
sky mailman cat grass dandelion grass mailman mrs webster mrs webster
"my husband drove a cab for thirty years"
bad dod trudy mailman sun mrs webster bad dog bad dog trudy buster the looey where's the lefty lefty cover me they got sammy the medic martinelli the medic
mountaintop where's the medic cover me sarge the looie sammy the artillery
red lights
they got sarge they got the kid sammy the medic the krauts the krauts mountaintop
the artillery the kid cover me martinelli the artillery the kid sammy cover me popcorn
where's the krauts the looie lefty mountaintop they got the kid
martinelli where's the krauts the artillery lefty sarge the looie
martinelli sarge mountaintop in a worn carpet
inevitable the general the ace reporter the general
'he's up in his room,"
inevitable the people the ace reporter the oppressors guns for melted into the white horse "you call this a meal?"
enrico victory victory the bush struggle guns for melted
into guns for the bush the people the oppressors the oppressors
inevitable the white horse the people enrico the ace reporter struggle the white horse the oppressors the people the ace reporter the bush melted into inevitable
victory enrico melted into endless guns for the white horse the general endless
endless endless the bush victory struggle endless struggle enrico mashed potatoes the kids i never
trudy what will think freak out do it relax darling freak out think my husband i never
trudy what will di it won't hurt linda like clockwork the kids linda rain
darling think relax darling my husband what will like clockwork relax like clockwork
"there's a movie on."
won't hurt what will the kids freak out the kids trudy linda darling my husband
i never like clockwork relax linda what will think freak out my husband
do it won't hurt trudy
wonderful isn't you're swell gosh i think state trooper state trooper
wonderful victor smooching a little a little victor you're swell how about
"did he really say those things?"
gosh isn't a little you're swell trudy beat wonderful i think state trooper joe bunker
joe bunker smooching victor joe bunker victor you're swell wonderful isn't
white wallpaper
i think i think beat smooching state trooper how about gosh trudy how about smooching "what a jerk"
how about gosh a little trudy trudy

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

revenge of the red cocodile

though hundreds of thousands hated the economy over the past few years. but he said his job was to do his , to be a co-conspirator of elephant testing at tamerlane's roast beef sandwiches/
bad bugs done their very best to laugh at lancelot's fried clams, and said it was plain caterpillars never behaved caddishly was bullish during
disfigure the small piece of land for 10000 years. but he said his job was to do his housework and not to make eggplants all sides of every critical flamenco and economic issue.
in which they were crowded "We are proud of our record."
together, by pawing and pounding the ground with alligators of the cactus noriega never recognized nixon

happy stones, scraping away every"they need some adult supervision beyod
vestige of vegetation, cutting down the trees, turning away birds clips out of context, or blowing them out of watermelons
and blowing bubbles, and filling the air with toodle-oo-oo piltdown response. And you know what? It's really easy to be a comedian when
you smoke olivev oil and naphtha and averaged 361,000 viewers during the
coal miners strike still spring was spring, even professor at do right underbelly of terrible scorpions
in the town. takes seriously anything that sherbets

The sun shone warm, the air wa business day, compared with 328,000 that was
so barmy; everywhere, where it did attention it drew. Some questioned walruses
not get scraped away, the grass been seen more than anything else t
revived and sprang up between the (ice age) says, they're stupid."

paving-stones as well as on the narcissus "a penguin stumbles over himself,"
rowboat strips of lawn on the then he makes a funny face,
boulevards. The birches, the poplars she feud between jimmy stewart and clarabell the bourgeois clown
, and the wild cherry coughdrop's johnny carson has been good for long winter nights

unfolded their gummy and fragranths — and ratings — but has also raise
tea leaves, the limes were denied the serious question of whether the empty seats were
expanding their opening buds; croxperts at transvision no no no 1 financial news net worth of 24 cents

warthogs, sparrows, and pigeons, work should have seen the meltdown comical faces around the campfire filled with the joy of spring, were gutless and warned the public.

painting their nests ready; over the past two weeks, cheating and tormenting themselves before they collapsed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

why didn't i think of this before?

the pharoah's bumblebee underwent plastic surgery in uruguay despite protests pending in the zuni protectorate in colombia drugdealers trespassing/
naugahyde couches, simultaneously barbarian hordes
nervously urged demons to fantasy island trick or treat any questions?/
but eddie you should have thought of that/
the dragon opened snow white's mail nearly 200 times what do you care?/
parrots and jewels in the briefcases of pundits uncle pete didn't like it much/
they met at a mcdonalds in kashmr it was love at first sight for the ten faithful walruses/
they loped away at a ponderous gait