Tuesday, November 25, 2008

yeagh o

whrn i esd juxr s lirly firk my mimma tookem rto dee th ewordy human eju ebrt libed - grepuj w nusn - ui as alittle surprided as she alwsyd piu hym doem - she oyt me in a carraife and went doem to the main street and there he was [ tlaer alk ahif look she said he idrespotmsytle fo all the evil in the wotlf ge liikde kile a man ro me -wjrm he dies i said then ejat she je will ne repalved befotr him there was reagam then novom the lbj but hther is always so,eomr look wjat the r have done tjro the ages war all the imune sistems camr ypu grr;o tu
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