Sunday, March 29, 2009

trudy martinelli adventuress, part 1

star deep star gravity saturn flow glow neptune jupiter beyond
saturn sun sun gravity deeper deep neptune jupiter beyond deep beyond
deeper beyond flow exploding venus venus deeper mars neptune star flow mars sun dust on the windowsill
"i'm late already"
sun star venus venus saturn gravity jupiter exploding deep neptune
exploding exploding saturn mars mars deeper gravity jupiter a yellow landscape
cookie buster
"does that child have rickets?"
morning trudy dandelion mailman bad dog morning sky grass cat morning cat sky
morning sun trudy sky mommy dandelion buster sun mommy cookie cookie mrs webster
"oh no"
sky mailman cat grass dandelion grass mailman mrs webster mrs webster
"my husband drove a cab for thirty years"
bad dod trudy mailman sun mrs webster bad dog bad dog trudy buster the looey where's the lefty lefty cover me they got sammy the medic martinelli the medic
mountaintop where's the medic cover me sarge the looie sammy the artillery
red lights
they got sarge they got the kid sammy the medic the krauts the krauts mountaintop
the artillery the kid cover me martinelli the artillery the kid sammy cover me popcorn
where's the krauts the looie lefty mountaintop they got the kid
martinelli where's the krauts the artillery lefty sarge the looie
martinelli sarge mountaintop in a worn carpet
inevitable the general the ace reporter the general
'he's up in his room,"
inevitable the people the ace reporter the oppressors guns for melted into the white horse "you call this a meal?"
enrico victory victory the bush struggle guns for melted
into guns for the bush the people the oppressors the oppressors
inevitable the white horse the people enrico the ace reporter struggle the white horse the oppressors the people the ace reporter the bush melted into inevitable
victory enrico melted into endless guns for the white horse the general endless
endless endless the bush victory struggle endless struggle enrico mashed potatoes the kids i never
trudy what will think freak out do it relax darling freak out think my husband i never
trudy what will di it won't hurt linda like clockwork the kids linda rain
darling think relax darling my husband what will like clockwork relax like clockwork
"there's a movie on."
won't hurt what will the kids freak out the kids trudy linda darling my husband
i never like clockwork relax linda what will think freak out my husband
do it won't hurt trudy
wonderful isn't you're swell gosh i think state trooper state trooper
wonderful victor smooching a little a little victor you're swell how about
"did he really say those things?"
gosh isn't a little you're swell trudy beat wonderful i think state trooper joe bunker
joe bunker smooching victor joe bunker victor you're swell wonderful isn't
white wallpaper
i think i think beat smooching state trooper how about gosh trudy how about smooching "what a jerk"
how about gosh a little trudy trudy
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