Saturday, October 3, 2009

police and snitchers tore my playhouse down

bad people johnny many bad people so fast

johnny woke up. outside it was raining. he wasn't hungry but he got up and got dressed.

halfway down the stairs he had second thoughts.

he remembered the old days. were they really any good?

he looked up and saw fatman.

it all happened a long time ago.

johnny started to get hungry. he wanted a candy bar .

i don't hear you, johnny

it all started on a rainy day just like this one, in 1973

take that stuff back to wichita falls

you don't hear much about wichita falls any more

or east st louis either

maybe you don't but i hear about east st louis all the time

it was a long time ago. empires have fallen, mountains have crumbled, it's a new world now. can't you just forget it?

you said bad things about me. i can never forgive you.

remember the farmer in san diego, who tried to sell you his truck?

what about him?

nothing, i just wondered if you remembered him?

still eating those candy bars?

breakfast, lunch and dinner

it was nice talking to you. i'm sorry you can't see your way to let bygones be bygones

me and old jones we just don't get along

babe oh babe way down in polock town

police and snitchers they tore my playhouse down

take me to kirkwood and i'll make st louis all by myself

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