Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ruby, part 2

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ruby was sad
ruby was blue
ruby didn't know what to do

another day almost gone by
and still no slice of life's pie

would she get a ride
when she got outside?
or the long empty night
greet her weary sight?

maybe gus would be waiting
gus with his voice so grating
and his hair dissipating
and his twitching lips
and his careful tips
and his restless eyes
with nothing to disguise

gus could be faithful and true
but not much to look forward to

and then there was frankie

ruby felt her brain cells burn
at the thought of frankie's possible return

frankie from the old neighborhood
was no good

with his smile so twisted
and evil eye not to be resisted

in a universe by justice kissed
a creature like frankie would not exist
he was a bum
always on the run

always with a plan
to make an end run around the man

looking for the perfect score
just needing a few cents more

to get started
his hair was parted

in the middle with perfect precision
a satanic surgical incision
and his nasty little mustache
crying out, i need some cash

frankie was a cancer
not exactly the answer

ruby was tired
maybe she would go out and get wired

she knew a little spot
nothing too hot
where she could relax
the bartender was named max

he had a little business on the side
keeping gentlemen supplied
with ladies from every continent and nation
ruby had a standing invitation

to take advantage of max's services
but the thought made her a little nervous, yes

but max hadn't mentioned it in a while
maybe she wasn't the latest style
or maybe -
the thought made her brain stop cold
she was just getting

the hours flowed and bended
the day was almost ended
ruby's feet were sore
she couldn't wait to get off the floor

but what was this?
her relentless nemesis
mrs carson with her icy smile
and her impeccable sense of style

had invaded ruby's station
and was displaying a full ration
of her perfect teeth so white
ruby could not take flight
and gave up the fight

mrs carson smiled like an elf
those shoes on the bottom shelf
take them out please miss
to myself i would be remiss
if i didn't try them on
sometime before dawn

the rituals were performed
ruby's back felt deformed
while mrs carson looked at the ceiling
ruby was feeling

at all

half an hour later
with her back a little straighter

ruby stood at the back stair
inhaling the halfway fresh air
when who should she look up and see
but her ancient enemy -

mrs carson
with her chauffeur named (what else?) garcon
and her eyes of midnight ink
and her mink

would you like a lift, my dear?
ruby felt like a mere
spectator at a show

but you don't know where i want to go

mrs carson's laugh was blue
oh, but i think i do

garcon opened the door of the bentley
clicking his heels like a sentry

as they sped down main street the lights
of the city were spreading their wings in flight
then the city was left behind
and they raced through the night dark and blind

mrs carson leaned back in her furs
and took ruby's hand in hers

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