Wednesday, June 30, 2010

hap dixon in the case of the dark tunnel: chapter 3, an unpleasant discovery

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by jason gusmann

visuals by rhoda penmarq

Chapter Three: An Unpleasant Discovery

Hap lies awake in his bed, Bodie at his feet.

He turns to the left, then the right.

How I wish I could fall asleep! he thinks.

But that clue...I can’t stop thinking about it!


What could it mean?

Empty angels...broken vessels...

Angels have wings and fly, just like...

And a vessel, that’s another word for...

Finally, Hap falls into a fitful, dreamless sleep.

In the morning, Hap is awakened by Dad firmly rapping on the bedroom door.

Up and at ‘em, Hap!

Hap rubs his eyes as Bodie hops to the floor.

Okay, Dad!

Hap dresses quickly and goes down to the kitchen.

In the white and yellow kitchen, there are no smells of breakfast cooking.

Aunt Cindy stands by the pantry door, her arms crossed.

She is smoking a cigarette and ashing on the kitchen floor.

She is not wearing the short black dress.

She is wearing an even shorter white dress.

Her long white legs seem even longer and thinner.

Her short black hair seems even shorter and blacker.

Aunt Cindy’s white dress is made of a light, gauzy material.

It makes Hap think of something an angel would wear.

Hmmm...the empty angels, Hap thinks.

Dad comes up behind Aunt Cindy.

Hey, Hap, your Aunt isn’t ready with breakfast just yet.

Why don’t you and Bodie go play for awhile?

Hap frowns.

But Dad!

Bodie and I are hungry now!

Then Dad frowns.

Hap, you and Bodie go pick some apples if you’re so hungry!

Hap kicks unhappily at the floor.

Okay, Dad, if you say so.

Aunt Cindy glares at them as Hap and Bodie leave.

Hap and Bodie walk along the sidewalk through the morning sunshine.

Jeepers, Bodie, Hap sighs, what gives with Dad?

I know Aunt Cindy doesn’t like us too much but...

Bodie looks up at Hap sadly.

Then, suddenly, Hap just shrugs.

Aw, nuts to all that!

Let’s go pick us some apples!

Hap picks up the pace and Bodie happily follows.

Now, Bodie, let’s see if we can figure this out...

Hap and Bodie begin walking towards the Reillys’ house.

Now, angels make me think of angelfood cake, and vessels make me think of boats.

How could they...of course!

Hap snaps his fingers.

What do you do with a cake boat when it’s empty?

You throw it in the trash!

Bodie barks excitedly.

The clue is telling us to look in the Reilly’s trash bin!

Again, Bodie barks happily.

Now I’m going to need to go alone for this next part.

Bodie whines.

I’m sorry, boy, but I’m going to need to use all my detective skills to look in the Reillys’ trash bin without Mr. Reilly seeing me.

You understand.

From the side of the house, Hap creeps up to the Reilly’s trash bin.

All the curtains on that side are drawn.

Hap slowly and quietly lifts the lid off the bin, then slowly looks through the assorted garbage until something catches his eye.

He gingerly moves some trash and finds a clump of bright white napkins soaked red with blood.

Oh no! exclaims Hap.

These must be what Mr. Reilly used to soak up the blood after he killed Mrs. Reilly!

I had better tell Officer Dan!

to be continued
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