Thursday, February 10, 2011

across the wounded greyhound stations

i m: f a nettelbeck 1950-2011

many strange things happen in this world. one reads about them and shrugs

a boy begins to play ball

and then what?

the peasant stands, stupefied, on the streets of the shining city, his ancient wisdom useless and disregarded, helpless in the grip of the new cold-eyed city man

the little soldier felt his heart stir within him, and he resolved to dedicate his life to the service of his unhappy country

when a soldier has fought through a thousand miles of blood and smoke, he is entitled to a little fun, to have himself a little piece

take me as your example

i don't care who gets the votes. i just want to count the votes

if we'd beat you guys, you never would have won

we'll get molotov in here. one thing about molotov, he
knows how to drink

it is in the interest of society that i be kept locked up,
but i am human and would like to be free

when i was young, when i was young. whenever i hear that song, i cry

you got a penny? put your penny on the bar. i got a hundred dollars against a penny that
says i can kick your ass

you could look it up

i'm freakish

look up at me and see god. look down on me and see a fool. look
straight at me and see yourself

i just want to get this over with

i've done good things but i've done terrible things too

the guy was dead as hell

but when you turned around, you knew he had that mean look on his face

so what was the war about?

the universe is a new flower

honkies go back to your own country

i'm in the oil business

this country didn't get where it is going 55 miles an hour

who did this to you?

i don't believe in sympathy. what good did it ever do anybody?

it's a funny old world

nicole knows what she did

i deserve better than this

thanks to: czar nicholas ii, babe ruth, oswald spengler, winston churchill, josef stalin, adolf hitler, yogi berra, william heirens, mickey mantle, billy martin, casey stengel, richard speck, charles manson, john wayne gacy, mickey spillane, william s burroughs, jack kerouac, allen ginsberg, greyhound station in arizona, anonymous, f a nettelbeck, margaret thatcher, paris hilton and amy chua
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