Saturday, September 3, 2011

so please be kind (print version)

by rhoda penmarq

the extraterrestrial carefully folded the parking ticket
and placed it in the breast pocket of his dove-gray suit
as the two-headed policeman approached
with his gargoyle handcuffs

there are no barracudas here
in the forgotten kingdom of ur
which has less quicksand than sheba
and less resonance than a kaleidoscope

zeros are still beyond counting
even in the new age of remembrance
komodo - kimono - who knows?
give me a mastodon any day

the larva was improperly frozen
the iguana was misunderstood
the metamorphosis was almost complete
but the half-man will never be forgotten

"defenestration" remains my favorite word
no falsificaton was intended, officer
i invite to the weekly walpurgisnicht
but you will have to bring your own nachos and dip

"concatenation" is my least favorite word
and never gives me satisfaction
her heartfelt entreaty went unheard
and its termination was unnoticed

except by an obsolete gas pump
unjustly accused of pusillanimity
i am sorry i could not have been more helpful
but the constant concatenation discombobulated and disoriented me

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