Monday, February 18, 2013

desolation express: the movie (with subtitles)

by bofa xesjum

additional dialogue by rhoda penmarq

the world asleep
into view
the observer
at the window
"is there anything out there?"
"no, there is nothing out there."
"absolutely nothing out there"
through the darkness
"have you gone mad?"
"this is madness! exposing yourself in this way!
"what did i tell you about the window?"
"there is nothing out there! do you think mercer is out there?"
"of course mercer is out there."
"mercer is everywhere"
"do not underestimate mercer."
"mercer could be on the train!"
"go back to your compartment"
"i will meet you in the compartment."
a sudden stab of fear
northern lights
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