Wednesday, December 7, 2016

the conspirators

by anonymous

illustrations by pete palomine

all he wanted was to be free
but it was not meant to be
the conspirators were everywhere
dividing up his hard earned share

every eye avoided him
except fortune’s, which was grim
at no party was he guest
and he never was well dressed

into each life some rain must fall
justice laughs in marble halls
kaleidoscopic leprechauns
dance along green silent lawns

many dream, but few awake
no one waits beside the lake
omnipotent philosophers
pile stones outside the universe

reprehension quickly fails
to resurrect the sophists’ tales
savage moms bake apple pies
underneath tornadoed skies

do you understand me yet?
vanilla is the safest bet
whenever living creatures meet
they expect a tasty treat

yeti waits outside the door
zero is the final score
all his dreams have turned to powder
the brontosaurus whispers louder

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