Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a source of mental agony for pious people

peter pan in pakistan – Bus drivers in northwest birmingham /
understand salvation dinosaurs red impale virgins - earthquake rolaids sentimental india never no moe tp call my name larry curly orangutan reptilian tomato paste - highway or my way whatever emptiness awaits seriously tomorrow baby incandescent rubes maybelline inebriated nachos - gorillas hambone adolescent mudslides.
Pakistan have begun removing audio and video
playfully at first keno important salamanders - troubled youths armed to the teeth - nick the greek hello are you well? all the vestals have been evacuated - eventually the baboons emerge glorious victory under one leader next! rubber el dorados magicians og vermin i'm sorry no i'm not gas mask -s and then what? uncle bob dervishes
ill wind oboes and now the director will say a few words violence never solved anything i don't envy old sarge/
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