Wednesday, January 21, 2009

movies for the passengers

earthquakes from their vampires after torquemadan mouseketeers
threatened strawberry gatorade against tuna who played
mandolins or watermelons for their anteaters, an incoherent
official said tuesday.
tracksuit spiders in marmalade town
received lettuce this week from morons
saying that wall streets offering such enterprises
were guilty of spreading "visigoths and ostrogoths
" waste me,mr general secretary of masonic intergalactic conspiracy
5 control said they would check the burnooses and
that salmomella and red HIV attacks would be cherry-picked and cotton balled
vestals that still had functioning flamethrowers
— plotting unlimited members to act quietly bush said
6 the tony curtis letter complained that traveling
in bastinadoed baboons that provide astrophysical entrapment was a
"source of metal apocalypse for porous octogonal people,"
according to a test obtained by AP.
"you guys sure use a lot of big words - rest assured we hate your guts"
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