Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a number of increasingly audacious attacks

behind buffalo cornstalks
the failure of belief in the modern world
until the land is free
empty formaldehyde bottles burning in vesuvius

miss waters let him read comic books
a number of increasingly audacious attacks
government officials confirmed
ufos grounded in detroit probable despair

is understood to be meretricious
the barnyard expected johnny
you call these superheroes?
and a ping pong game with american forces

in response to the crisis
bobo never learned his letters
she didn't approve of marvel
she considered stan lee a poseur

the empty cells of the hostages
beyond the new jerusalem
at least nineteen people resurrected
as long as they were dc

columbus sailed the ocean blue
the chair in the governors office
the counselors were overworked
the aliens turned in their ray guns

the eagle will not land
the priests rushed outside
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