Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"it's too bad it had to come to this"

words must be freed, not only from each other but from their meanings.

"tell the old man sparks has got headquarters on the line"
bobo woke up. the imperial flag was flapping in the breeze over his head.
code 9 from nova vase
code 9 from nova base
not just yet

"tell sparks to hang tight and hang tough"

on the horizon

"people think that just because dad is the greatest scientist in the world that
he's some kind of a nut!"

tell me

what exactly is code 9?

i'm glad you asked that question, rhoda. code 9 is a dynamic new approach to
human communication, opening up hitherto undreamed of possibilities.


"i'm afraid you'll have to come with us, sir. we have a few questions to ask

death evolves fundamental groceries, harry insisted judiciously,
knowing lorna might never object..

death involves fundamntal GROWth, rhoda, hassan insisted
jurisdictionally, kneeling lengthwise on the ..

elvis jostled godzilla humorously, as sand blew through the window of
the bus ... because shelley winters wouldn't buy the groceries - just
because dad is the greatest scientist in the world ... with sigmund
freud and eisenhower at the giants game - if you ask

frank knew herbie had ignored him intrepidly, because the termites had
chewed the undergrowth of his expectations ... eisenhower? never, he
insisted to hinself grimly. but dr sigmund freud? maybe, just

the slender detective took the torn business card from his wallet and
pushed it across the polished desk..

the terrified endocrinologist understood only too well the unusual
decision facing him from his experience of questioning the buddha
behind the queasy facade of 'experimentation"...beast

"don't you understand", cried fatima gratefully, the vicious ones will
perform the ur-ceremony at exactly the moment the gardener insists on
his invisibility...jumping jehosephat

eddie zeroed in on the witch. his heater jumped into his hand.
"don't take ------'s name in vain", he snarled, "or xxxxxx's or
yyyy's or zzzzzz's..."

"what is this insistence on names", replied fatima, as the
thunder crashed

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