Friday, February 6, 2009

they wouldn't have it any other way

waiting for mother kali in the shadows of nogales terrified of the old tarantulas hanging in the enormous undercurrent of the american people/
in decades since FDR divided along ding a ling octopuses washed up on coca=cola bottles they don't want you to know about/
ever trust the dervishes fishing at the cold swimming hole tehe vivian girls ran through rainbows of angry whoppers in time to save harry reid and nancy pelosi from vishnu in the shadows of lafayette park in a burning box of dunkin donuts/
except for the $670 billion rousted by mickey mouse and donald duck/
orangutangs put the despair not of the nickel but the dropped dime at $7.80 for an ice cream sandwich that melted like the smile of the cheshire polar bear but the dragon (also named donald by the way)
as defenestration continued late into the night.
the bombing concluded a tantric drumbeat of broccoli needlepoint in which sad sam jones the town lush said/
"you fellers always seem to extrapolate the least vigorous global calculus - i guess that's just what brazil is always about"/
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