Friday, February 13, 2009

every day is valentines day

celebrities are pterodactyls too and understandably negotiate urban despair/
powering endocrines walrus delicatessen knowing too much just lke ordinary people
nixon at what comet planned apocalypse bpocalypse
narcissa mastodon forgotten wheels of ben hur for best actress is terrified of obama
"i'll track down bigfoot if it undermines the economy forever because my granny baked the best blueberry pie in afghanistam wham bam"
rackets green glare at batmans birthday party
concerned old banana hacker bad dog invited fbi agents into her lovely home in the foothills of the enderby abyssal plain in the rain to complain about punks these days
george washington would rather establish his own holiday with st stephen on the pitchers mound
abe lincoln celebrates year round
"this is good stuff and i can't get enough'
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