Wednesday, February 18, 2009

rip us a good one bobby but with respect

it turns out that preferred bandits and building inspectors are secretly talibaning the most vulnerable mickey mouses of the new jersey expressway/
whatever they can to get rebates on their laundromat bills/
the upscale is that picasso appeared in the south dakota state budget before david letterman had any blueberry pie/
very often uncle bob negotiated unfortunately harsh terms for the parrots who meant no harm but were in the lost place at the endocrine time.
does anybody here know what endocrine means except louise brooks?

there are only contaminated beehives no bad beehives/
"i guess you're right as usual, maw, i'll be gone by the year 2045"
they kept coming back to the blueberry pie/flames in the lima beans
mickey covered donald but goofy got blasted in alderbaran when uncle walt sold out to conan the barbarian stsr wars just memory he he the old you can male it if you really try/
we will have to come back later with the dolphins and sort it all out
"effectively kept humans out of north america for 20,000,000 years/
and in the morning she was dead"
"you expect me to defend the empire with fellows such as these?"

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