Tuesday, April 21, 2009

cutup #4 - short version

fantastic richness and expensiveness
out of the fire appeared - a woman
sorry eddie, said wilson
please don't tell the ladies

to understand the words
came back to the spot where he could watch
took refuge in the cutting room
by giving serious study to petty details

this was truth
what can you say about imperialism
and my knuckles are hairy enough
little flicker of feeling showed briefly on his face

to grow a lot of hair
it could have been a woman
the universe is my canoe
my flesh crawled as i watched

love and war are revenue
dropped a golden earring
i was only kidding
of compelling adherence to the cause

his admirable incapacity
a very thin black bearded man
what you got you got sodden
one of the most important methods

that makes me get cold feet
miss wilson has folks in texas
moloch said carelessly
the old woman in the tree

- apollinaire, arnold bennett, raymond chandler, lenin, henry kuttner
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