Thursday, June 11, 2009

"eight years!"

anybody home?

i'll take romance

when my heart is young and eager and slash, i'll take out the trash.

johnny woke up this neanderthal. his dog was mowhere to be ground, jewels
like night covered the horizon - like hamburgers zizzling in a flying saucer
ripped by roswell quality parkas. steppe up right up.......

kenny expected veronica under the orangutang's tree house, but they still
couldn't find frank - not in a million years. hey, you've got ---!

larry found willie vigorously undermining pete's uncle joey's catastrophe.

"unless terrestials deny golden glory of jerry's big night, zero integers zero
heavenly orangutangs"

the orangutang laughed and scratched his ticket

my friends, it's time for a change

after all these years, can't anybody find frank or eddie?

frank & eddie

i was walking down the street when this bag lady suddenly jumped out of the
bushes ... i heard frank was hanging with the baboons in borneo or maybe it
was the barracudas in bangladesh ... as for eddie, i just don't know........

maybe frank took eddie for a ride - maybe they are taking us all for a ride.

If you take the time to look at this company, we know you will definitely like
what you find. The continued marketing campaign to get the public aware of the
companys products and value as an investment along with the projected sales in
2005 and profitability in the third quarter could bring huge returns for the
fast acting investor.

he sounded very casual about it, but that was ok by me.

then he can be ignored, treated like zero.

uncle joe teaches us to embrace skepticism, and to look to self-interest when
breaks down

cousin alf uploaded version 3000 unfer the capillaries of joey capricorn, but
joey didn't
get it anty more than danny.

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