Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"you spent how much time on this?"

and the lightning flashed.

what a night! how the wind howled!


the witch and the endocrinologist were waiting for the slender
detective at the bottom of the escaloator. where was santa

"just because dad is the greatest scientist in the world people
assume he's some kind of lunatic"

fingerprints... all over the escalator

dad is some kind of a lunatic

everything jumps together lately - polar bears maybe

the polar bear sat at the mouth of the cave, watching the alien
unpack his radio. unless the queen commanded steve to befriend uncle
ned, pete jones was a dead man.

what is going on here? miss prendergast, i thought you were in
charge of these girls.

out of desperation, freddie had answered the advertisement for
extreme contestants. he had received a postcard in the mail three
days later, directing him to a building at 3000th and 555th, in the
old part of town...across the street in an abandoned parking lot
a group of witches were wolfing down hot dogs around a fire in a
purple garbage can ...
lightheadedness ...failure of nerve ...obsterpreperousness...

has anyone seen either eddie or miss prendergast?

i saw eddie hanging out behind safeway like he was thinking about robbing it
but he had a bottle of pink ripple wine in his hand. miss prendergast was
waiting out front smoking a benson and hedges cigarette, it was a clear night
- maybe they were watching the skies - like me.

if they can't find eddie how can they find frank?

they'll never find frank

if eddie didn't start hanging out with that dizzy dme miss prendergast him and
frank would be rolling down the road right now

that's right always blame the "dme", right guys? you bozos give me a royal
pain. and what's a "dizzy dme" hoshot? maybe someone should shine up
that dizzy dome of yours. or drop a dizzy dime on you

what's a hoshot?

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