Friday, June 12, 2009

"the whole time bush was in office"

5 months, 7 days, no good johnny many bad people so fast

jolly undertakings

don't bring me down
empty coffeecups never erupt
flaming daffodils orangutangs fortuitously
grasp every peanut greedily

greed! envy! hatred! insanity!
heroes fly over heaven
instigators grow petulant invisibly
jokers herd quiescent jiraffes

kings! queens! princesses! viziers!
slaves! gladiators! clowns! holy martyrs!
kaleidoscopes of indigenous redeyed konquerors!
let justice subside liquidly!

i am getting too excited
junior needs a drink
dad is staring at the refrigerator again
mom won't get off the phone

re: don't bring me down

mom just got of the phone. i think she was talking to eddie.

mom went for a long drive out in the woods.

nobody expected goliath before monday except pete johnson's uncle erwin

i dont believe

we've met


frank ran away nott knowing repentance and never kicking rudy as
nestor always wonderdd alice ysmmerded now out the tropical kingdom
nightly obliterated wilderness i never grew rhubarb/

what's going on here? joey,can you tellme what's going on?


hey joey

ah but cheers decay eventually friends grow hostile interminably
jupiter kisses leo's macaw never opening parrots quicksand rhapsody
seven times urging venus willing explosion yeti zaps all baboons
convincing danielle empty flowers grasp hopefully interminable jokes
keeping leonardo mistyeyed nevertheless


in all my born days


where have all the flowers gone? expecting to inherit the graves of
beautiful blue sea urchins in heaven.

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it's too bad it had to come to this.
you spent how much time on this?
eight years!
the whole time bush was in office

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